Saturday, September 11, 2010

2010 Crop

This year I was a bit more casual with my balcony garden. I grew from seed cilantro, cayenne and jalapeno. The jalapeno peppers died in infancy, although I've grown them in the past. In the picture you can see basil (I took the seeds from last year's plant), cayenne, and some cherry tomatoes. I didn't intentionally grow cherry tomatoes but they germinated from seeds that were left in the pot last year. Like third children, the plant is an accident but it looks like it may give me some nice fall tomatoes if the squirrel doesn't get them.

So far I've used the cilantro, cayenne and basil in cooking. A neighbor thought it was cute when she caught me plucking goodies from my garden. From now on I need to wear pants when I go out there.