Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ramapo tomatoes

A few months ago I was listening to Brian Lehrer on WNYC radio and he had a guest from the Rutgers Agricultural Extension service who was talking about the recreation of an old tomato hybrid, the Ramapo tomato. I bought the seeds, planted them in pots and I just transferred two of the teen aged tomato plants into larger pots and put them on my balcony. This blog will follow the adventures of my plants and the inevitable battles with the local squirrels. While not a major opus like the last two blogs, this blog is a summer project, similar to the "Twisting by the Pool" E.P. that Dire Straits issued a few decades ago.
In some ways it is closer to a true blog in that, unlike the sixties blog, it is being written in real time and I have no idea whether my stint as a gardener will work out as planned. I sort of knew how the sixties would work out.

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