Friday, June 13, 2008

The peppers

Having grown up with a Texan for a mother who made notorious chilli I developed a taste for Tex Mex cuisine. This was augmented by my years in Denver and weekly visits to the famed Satire bar on East Colfax. Moving east, I discovered I couldn't find fresh cayenne peppers in the market so I grew my own from seed.

As you can tell from the picture, last year I had a very large crop of cayenne peppers. I offered them to people but usually they told me, " I have ulcers" or " I have a bad stomach" or "I can't eat peppers, sorry". I ended up freezing most of them and I ate them all winter. Of course there were the ones I put out in the break room at work. The break room vultures took them.

Editor's note: Some tiny peppers are emerging. Pictures to follow.

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