Thursday, October 9, 2008

The end of the crop

So that's the end of the tomatoes for
this year. Took these off the vines

before Jack Frost visited these here

parts. Come next year, a new blog.

Don't have a theme yet so I'm open for suggestions. Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. M. As a reader of all your varied blogs I say Thank you for the effort. I've always enjoyed your musings on the holidays and special events. Perhaps that could be the future blog. Just a thought and a word of thanks. Sparky

Perky said...

Thanks for your persistence with this blog on the Balcony Tomatoes! It was great to following you month-by-month.
I also found the NJAES Rutgers Ramapo disappointing. Very little fruit VERY late in the season and the taste was good but not Very Good nor even GRRRRRREAT.
I think I'll do something different (and alot less pricey!) in 2009 - imo, the Ramapo was overpriced and sure didn't meet expectations.
THANKS for a GRRRRREAT read, tho! :-)