Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 2009

Not too bad. This year I bought "Plantation" seeds for a dollar apiece at Big Lots. I bought cherry tomatoes and cayenne peppers. The cherry tomatoes are fairly large and seem to have done well. The plants are bigger than I imagined, even bigger than the Ramapo tomatoes I grew last year. The peppers didn't fair as well. Still I have already been using my meager yield for cooking. I also got a plant of indeterminate origin from a co-worker.
This year, for whatever reason, I didn't have the squirrel problem I had last year. One squirrel was hanging out in a basil pot but they don't seem to have eaten anything so far. It has been a very rainy year but the hot sun the past few days have been instrumental in ripening the cherry tomatoes. I counted about forty-five fruit so far.

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