Thursday, July 17, 2008

the Dinky

I think it was on public television a few years ago I came across a documentary on the Princeton Dinky. I always promised myself I would ride it. Over the years I always imagined it as a narrow gauge steam train with conductors in colorful costumes and folk singers.. As I passed through Princeton Junction on the train, I was always envious of those lucky souls taking the Dinky.

Even the term "dinky" had a certain allure. One day Albert Einstein told one of his students he was bound on the train to see his sweetheart in New York, calling her "Der Ingwer Niedlich Kirmes Irrlicht" which the student acronymized as "Dinky". The name stuck and since then, the Princeton Shuttle has been known as the Dinky.

Today, being idle and up for adventure, I took the Dinky. It's a cute train, albeit slow and not always synchronized with the main line. If you crane your neck you can see the towpath of the D&R Canal.

While in Princeton I bought a sale book at a bookstore and was asked if I would donate 5 cents to reduce my carbon footprint. I knew I had left Trenton and was now in Princeton.

Back to the tomatoes. They're getting bigger but are still green.
Editor's note: The Albert Einstein story is bunk.

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