Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On Trenton

I was just reading about the future of Trenton. Trenton will have smart shops, upscale housing, hip but expensive clubs. It will be like Albany Street in New Brunswick. The funky pizza parlor that every state employee goes to on Warren Street will be replaced with a Pizza Hut. Café Ole will be replaced by Starbucks coffee. The film and jazz festivals will have world renowned hosts and be pricey.
And the grizzled old hipsters will wax nostalgic about how Trenton was so much better before it was discovered. Friendly bars. The weird barber shop. Scruffy film festivals that were not mentioned in the New Yorker. When there were art galleries with paintings for sale under five hundred dollars. All night art festivals that lasted twenty four hours and were free. Just like the people who will tell you how much better Philadelphia or So Ho in New York were in the old days when manufacturers fought with artists over space. Yes, these are the golden days of Trenton.
Speaking of the golden days of Trenton, there is a Wednesday night film festival at Café Ole and jazz on Tuesdays at the steps of the War Memorial during lunch hour.
Back to the tomatoes. The squirrel is climbing the gate I put up to guard the tomato plants and using it as a ladder to sniff around. I moved the gate.

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