Saturday, May 10, 2008

the Break Room

One of the great things about the world of work is the break room. Here you can deposit stale donuts, fruitcake, shoes, over ripe Roquefort cheese, etc. and within an hour or two whatever was there has been consumed by the break room vultures. Realizing I was getting an oversupply of young tomatoes in congested housing in the kitchen, I braved the rain and deposited a pot with three aspiring young Ramapo tomatoes in the break room. By the time I had brought my camera in to take a picture, the break room vultures had stolen them away.

The whiny tomato is now on the balcony, wet but happy. I have also transferred my two cayenne plants to the outside world. I did share the whiny tomato with one of the cayenne's. There is a theory that cayenne plants scare away squirrels. Salsa anyone?

Editor's note: In this picture is a rare souvenir from one of America's most popular television shows. Thanks, Skitch.

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