Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Texas tomatoes

When I was a young tyke, my mother would take me to visit her kinfolk in Texas. You had to use the out-house to do your business and for recreation they raised fighting chickens in the backyard. On Saturdays they would all drive up to Oklahoma where they would enter the cockfights. Everybody had a swell time, bet on the chickens, smoked and dipped snuff. Well some of the chickens didn't feel so good afterwards.

Today Texas is more sophisticated. A morning traffic jam in Dallas would scare the beeswax off of someone in New Jersey. My kinfolk now drive to Shreveport and bet in "the boats". They do, however, have a great climate for tomatoes. The pictures are of a Ramapo tomato (raised from seeds that I sent them). I don't get the black tarps. Maybe someone can explain them to me.

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