Monday, May 26, 2008

the Novelty is over

When you first get a plant, it is a novelty. You spend all your idle time watering it and fussing over it. Just like when a family gets a dog, at first, the kids fight over who gets to walk it. With a cat they argue over who gets to clean the kitty litter. Soon, the novelty wears out and the kids are complaining over their new chores just because Mom wanted a dumb dog or alley cat.

The same goes with plants. At first you are so excited. Then it becomes a chore. "Darn it, I have to water the plants. Oh cr-- there are weeds all over the garden. And I was just going to watch the View"

I am at that stage with the balcony plants. Fortunately plants know they have to blossom and flower to keep up their owners interest. Tell me when they flower. I think Barbara Walters is on today.

Editor's note: I have changed to settings to allow anonymous comments. It's not like I was being overwhelmed or anything.


Anonymous said...

I see the Skitch bag, and a Barbara Bird, Right?

Mister Mustache said...

Right. The bag is a veteran of many softball games. I have no idea how I ended up with it.